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Initiatives & University groups

No distinction is made between university groups and initiatives at the University of Bayreuth. They both have an informal character: Anyone who founds an initiative or university group does not thereby acquire any special rights and cannot assert any claims against the University or its bodies.

Accordingly, the founding of an initiative does not have to be applied for in writing or formally. However, it is advisable to contact our member on the Steering Committee for Finance, Law and Internal Affairs in order to be invited to the Mensaabend (Cafeteria Evening), for example. This event, and Rondell-Vous in the summer semester, provide all initiatives and university groups the chance to introduce themselves to students (especially to new students). You can download the most helpful materials here.

Website and initiatives distribution list

It is possible to be listed as an initiative on the webpage of the University of Bayreuth. For this, it is necessary to fill out an application form and send it to our Managing Committee.

StuPa also manages a mailing list for initiatives. To be included in this mailing list, it is also best to write an e-mail to the Managing Committee (vorstand.stupa@uni-bayreuth.de). Information about the Mensaabend (Cafeteria Evening) or Rondell-Vous, for example, is sent out via this distribution list.

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